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Our website is currently in limbo as we have decided, like many other music stores in the area, to close our doors for good. While we had been contemplating this move before the pandemic, we now feel that it is definitely the proper time.

In the next few weeks, when things pertaining to the pandemic allow us to do so, we will open our doors for a short period of time so that we can sell off as much of our existing inventory and equipment as possible. So keep your eyes and ears open while we work on our “Going Out of Business Sale”. Hopefully we will be able to offer discounts that you may not see again on musical instruments, lesson books, sheet music and accessories.

Those of you who have been taking lessons at our store may want to contact your instructors directly to see if they have been able to establish a situation in which they can continue to teach your students. If not we can give you suggestions on who may be available.

We appreciate your support over the last 50 years and hope that this will not be a burden to anyone. We can certainly give you suggestions on where you may continue to fill your musical needs.

Thanks again for your support.